Summer Holidays

Summer Holidays

Thinking of summer as the season of hot scorching heat, sweat, and humidity? Well, think the other way around and start exploring the varied frontiers of the world by booking affordable and customized summer tour packages. We are here to make your every single exploration to various parts of the globe goes special and memorable. We want you to forget all your worries behind and start experiencing the tour of magnificent international destinations in the company of spouse, family, or travel in groups. Here, we also have special offer for globe trotters like you to choose your ideal destination and avail special discount.

What’s even better that you can fully customized your summer tour packages as per your preferred destination, travel dates, flights, and choice of accommodation.

Honeymoon Packages

Plan your honeymoon trip to the most wonderful international destinations. Book favourable honeymoon packages to any choice of place including Maldives, Mauritius, Italy, Switzerland, New Zealand, Thailand, Tahiti- Bora Bora, Bali, Greece, and many more.

Travel with your lovely spouse to any of the mentioned destination by booking a package of your choice, budget, and duration.

Family Tour Packages

If thinking to take your whole family on the next voyage to the world, then we are here to assist you in booking cost-effective range of family tour packages. You can include any of the best family-friendly destinations in the world with names like Bosnia, Croatia, Georgia, Kashmir, Eastern Europe, Maldives, Seychelles, Azerbaijan, Russia, and Turkey.

Special Offer

Country Package Duration Category Package Cost
Maldives Furaveri Resort 4 NIGHTS - 5 DAYS Starting SAR 6500
Maldives Amaya Kuda Rah 4 NIGHTS - 5 DAYS Starting SAR 6150
Maldives Heritance Arah 4 NIGHTS - 5 DAYS Starting SAR 8500
Bosnia Bosnia & Herzegovina Tour 4 NIGHTS - 5 DAYS Starting SAR 2195
Bosnia Bosnia Holiday 9 NIGHTS - 10 DAYS Starting SAR 2195
Georgia Tbilisi - Martvili Canyon 5 NIGHTS - 6 DAYS Starting SAR 1500
Georgia Georgia Special Tour 10 NIGHTS - 11 DAYS Starting SAR 2750
Croatia Croatia Island Private Tour 7 NIGHTS - 8 DAYS Starting SAR 7500
Russia Russia Holiday 4 NIGHTS - 5 DAYS Starting SAR 1300