Jordan Tour Packages

Jordan Tour Packages

Highlights of Jordan

4N Jordan

4 Nights / 5 Days

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SAR 5950

Magic of Jordan

5N Jordan

5 Nights / 6 Days

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SAR 7750

Jordan Treasures

7N Jordan

7 Nights / 8 Days

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SAR 9500


Jordan Tour

Jorden is really an offbeat tourist destination around the world that actually receives international and local travellers all the year around. It is located Israel to its west and Saudi Arabia & Iraq to its east is something best to wall for in terms on ancient architecture, traditional outlook, mosques, historical ruins, biosphere reserve, coastal beauty, and more. The breathtaking land of beauty and contrast what makes it the ideal UNESCO World Heritage destination treating visitors of all types. You can book tour package of Jordon at WTTSaudia to experience the difference faces this magnificent country offering varying sets of attractions around.

Best Places to Visit in Jordon

  • Dead Sea: One of the best places to visit in Jordan and must to explore. Dead Sea is a natural mineral-rich mud in the water that is known for its therapeutic properties. The sea hyper saline is the phenomenon that allows people to float on the high-depth water without drowning inside. There are also plenty of beach resorts near the Dead Sea giving you a reason to at least a day here.
  • Wadi Rum: Explore the traditionally rich desert landscape of Wadi Rum surrounded by huge formations of sandstones and rich rock area around. Take a slow camel ride to explore the magnificent beauty of the dramatic sunset around along with adventurous enroute to desert area and a soothing time during the night sky.
  • Ajloun Castle: Another famous tourist attraction in Jordan is Ajloun Castle strategically located atop the Mount Auf. It was built by the nephew of the Muslim military leader Saladin as a defence place against the Crusadars. Now, the place is maintain as a rich colossal of history for explorers to see the panoramic view of the Jorden valley and the surrounding desert area. Inside the castle, you will see glorious mosaics and historically rich armory in the museum.
  • The Gulf of Aqaba: It is an ultimate chill out destination in Jorden away from the dry and hectic desert area. Basically, it is the only seaport in Jorden and known for its picturesque mountains, azure blue water at the backdrop and flock of tourists come here from the different parts of the globe.

Book Flight Tickets of Jordon

Explore the region of ancient origin full of magnificent castles, natural reserve, and traditional cities in Jordon. Book your customized tour package of Jordon covering all the favoured choice of destinations. Travel anywhere from Saudi Arabia by booking flights to Jordon. Like you can book flights to Jordon from Al Medina, book flights to Jorden from Makkah, book flights to Jordon from Tabuk, book flights to Jordon from Dammam, book flights to Jordon from Al Khobar, or from any other place you like.


1. What is the Best Time to Visit Jordon?

The best time to visit is in the period of March through June because it is the country’s most beautiful spring season. During this time you can best explore varying regions outside in a hassle-free manner.

2. How to Book Affordable Jordon Travel Package?

Just get in touch with us to find customized range of Jordon tour packages for you to travel as solo, for honeymoon, or explore with full family.

3. What is the Currency of Jordon?

Jordanian Dollar is the currency running here.

4. What is the Duration of Tourist Visa of Jordon?

The citizens of Saudi Arabia can apply for single-entry tourist visa of Jordon from Saudi Arabia and will get 2 months of time to explore.