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2N Moscow - 2N St. Petersburg

4 Nights / 5 Days

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3N Moscow - 3N St. Petersburg

6 Nights / 7 Days

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SAR 3500

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Russia is an underrated country in Eastern Europe though it has its own charm. It is a complete destination for family tours. Russia tour packages are easily available at WTTSaudia. Russia family tour packages have it’s own perks. They are customised as per customer’s needs. Russia has world’s oldest mountain Ural and deeper lake Baikal. Russia holds the most important collections of art, fabulous museums, treasured monuments spread all over the Russian territory. Hurry! And book your travel packages of Russia today. Russia is a country of contrasts, from great subtropical beaches to bitterly cold winter regions in the North.

Best Places to Visit in Russia

  • The Golden Ring- Start your family trip with the Golden Ring. The Golden Ring strings together several cities outside of Moscow that fill the senses with awe. One of the oldest regions in Russia, today it is very popular with Russian tourists who want to experience a bygone era. Picturesque countryside’s filled with cherry orchards, quaint cottages, onion-shaped domes and iconic churches that contain the country’s oldest art make this region a special place to visit.
  • Saint Petersburg- Known as the cultural capital of Russia, the city boasts one of the finest art collections in the world at the Hermitage, with churches adding to the city’s magnificent art. Nevsky Prospekt is the city’s famous shopping and dining street. Russia’s second largest city may be known as Leningrad, but most people refer to it by its birth name, St. Petersburg.
  • Moscow-As the capital of Russia, Moscow is the most important city in Russia, but not just for political reasons alone. The stately Kremlin and impressive Red Square, one of the largest squares in the world, are sights not to be missed, as are statues of Lenin and Stalin, controversial leaders in the 20th century. This city of more than 12 million is also well known for its artistic endeavours, including ballet, symphonies and art. Onion-shaped domes of historic churches fill the skyline.
  • Lake Baikal- Lake Baikal is the favourite family destination among tourists. When it comes to breaking records, Lake Baikal is hard to beat. Baikal is also the largest freshwater lake in the world-over 20 percent of the world’s fresh water is in this lake. In summer, Lake Baikal is a famous destination for kayaking, boat cruises, and island hopping to discover shorelines and beaches. In winter, when the lake freezes over, visitors can cross-country ski across sections of it and visit the frozen Tazheran Steppes caves.
  • Altay-The Altay Mountains in Siberia extend from Russia into China, Kazakhstan, and Mongolia. Traditionally inhabited by different ethnic groups involved in horse husbandry and forestry, it is also a very popular tourist destination for both locals and travelers. The Denisova Cave in Siberia is particularly significant because of the bone fragments, artifacts, and even prehistoric horses that have been here-some dating back 50,000 years.

Book Flights to Russia

Russia is an exotic land of cultural and natural beauty. Explore the ravishing architectural beauty to isolated sights of the country. Book an affordable range of Russia family packages at WTTSaudia without going anywhere else. Here, you can travel to Russia from any region of Saudi Arabia by booking the customized tour packages and flights booked from any destination. Thus, you can book flights to Russia from Riyadh, book flights to Russia from Medina, book flights to Russia from Tabuk, book flights to Russia from Dammam, book flights to Russia from Al Ahsa, and more.


1. What is the Best Time to Visit Russia?

Summer is the best reason to explore the beauty of Russia. The period falls anywhere in between June to August.

2. How Can I Book the Best Family Tour Package of Russia?

Simply reach at WTTSaudia online and you will find customized Russia family tour package. Make changes in the same and book at cost-effective price.

3. What is the Currency of Russia?

Russian Ruble is the currency of Russia.

4. What is the Duration of Tourist Visa of Russia?

By obtaining physical tourist visa of Russia from Saudi Arabia, you can stay for a period of 30 days.