Jeddah Day Trip

Truly Cherishing Jeddah Day Trip: Things to Do in The Bride of the Red Sea

With a population of over 4 million, Jeddah is a diversified city in Saudi Arabia. Our Jeddah Tours thus range from quick outings to the beach to all-day Jeddah shore excursions in the city's most historic and intriguing sites. Jeddah has a wealth of attractions—recent and dating back to ancient times, as well as stunning scenery and city life experiences. 

It's high time you plan a day excursion around some of the most well-liked places for numerous things to do & must-see in Jeddah to learn about the city's distinctive past and present cultures.

In the one-day Jeddah day trips, you explore several free places to visit in Jeddah, thus taking a step back in time. You experience the people and culture and marvelling at any of the incredible Jeddah tourist places whose visit will remain imprinted in your mind forever. For example, King Fahd's Fountain, the tallest artificial water feature in the world, is fully illuminated at night and appeals to all and sundry. On Al Kurnaysh Road, the Hassan Enany Mosque offers a welcoming and tranquil setting for everyone to enjoy. 

Historical sites are just one of the aspects of the Jeddah tourist places. Look into stunning natural spots if you search for somewhere to put your feet up and unwind for a while.


You may relax on the beach, build sandcastles, have a picnic lunch, take in the outdoor sculptureart, and enjoy the leisure areas of Jeddah shore excursions at the Jeddah Corniche area.

Experience the Desert Safari Jeddah desert tour by Quad Bike Around Jeddah. This tour is unique because riding a quad bike and having fun on the journey during Jeddah Day Trips are the most enjoyable experiences. Our customised Jeddah tourist map will assist you in exploring the area and establishing direct routes to well-known tourist destinations.


Thuwal Beach features lovely, smooth, golden sand that is lined with palm trees. Relax, spendtime, and participate in activities with family and friends, like fishing. As it is close to the famous fish market, which also assures delicious and fresh seafood dishes prepared from fishes that come directly from the sea, phone charging spots are also dispersed throughout, so you enjoy a great time there.

Try a delicious lunch at one of the King Abdullah Economic City eateries that overlooks one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Thuwal is around 20 minutes away, and Jeddah is about a two-hour drive away. Everywhere you turn, the city's beauty will enchant you! You must make a reservation here in order to partake in the activities it offers by booking our Jeddah tour package to explore the best of the region.

Begin your full-day tour to Jeddah from Taif or other cities with a pick-up from your accommodation and a drive to Jeddah. The vast Jamjoom Commercial Center is a mall with everything from clothing stores to Middle Eastern décor makes you feel the ascent of the region's cultural amalgamation. Explore the shops to find true Saudi Arabian gifts, trendy clothing, jewellery, accessories, and services.

Mall of Arabia is the most spectacular mall in the nation, just off Madinah Road. This mall is a forward-thinking destination for those looking to shop in a lively environment and discover the best goods available in Saudi Arabia.

Star Superstores is a comprehensive grocery store where you can discover a wide variety of foods from around the world, freshest and local vegetables, baked delicacies, premium cheese,and regional Saudi delicacies. The Corniche Shopping Center's Star Superstores offer reasonable prices to suit all budgets.

The variety of Jeddah tour packages offered by Worldwide Travel and Tourism enables tourists to enjoy the city's tourist attractions comfortably. Book this Jeddah tour package for you and your family from us to appreciate your unforgettable exploration forever.