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Norway offers something amazing that no other place in the world does. It offers an incredible mix of world-class scenery, natural wonders, magnificent fjords, snow-capped mountain peaks, and an endless choice of midnight sun and northern lights. There is nothing like Norway in this world that gives you a fascinating travel pleasure of exploring beautiful scenic destinations surrounded by sky-reaching mountain peaks and turquoise water of the sea sweeping in between. Norway offers the most convenient transit systems full of rail and fantastic coastal steamers to best explore the destination. One of the best places to visit in Europe, Norway should be on the top of your traveling list, if you have special fascination for nature, scenic surroundings, and waterways. Here at WTTSaudia, we offer you customized tour packages of Norway letting you travel seamlessly in the company of spouse or family, or you can explore the varying regions ideally as a solo-traveller.

Best Places to Visit in Norway

  • Sognefjord: It is the largest of the Norway’s fjords that reaches 240 kilometers inland from the coastal village of Skjolden. A spectacular destination where you witness the amalgamation of high-reaching mountain cliffs with crystal clear seawater flowing around and there you find small inlets. Best travel by boats and fjords cruises, experience the pleasure of memorable sightseeing and do visit must have travel places like Naerofjord, Fjaerland, Jostedalsbreen, and Norwegian Glacier Musem.
  • Pulpit Rock: If you love the adrenaline rush of climbing and hiking, then this is the must have place to visit on Norway. Pulpit Rock is one of the highest peaks that features a perfectly flat-topped cliff with having an extravagant view of Lysefjord. You can come here by taking ferry and bus ride and after experiencing the 2-hour of rigorous hiking to the top.
  • Tromso: Get to see the magnificent northern lights in Tromso which is situated 349 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle. Earlier known as the fishing village, it is an unexpected tourist destination best known for its amazing view of the northern lights or better known as aurora borealis, Tromso Arctic-Alpine Botanic Garden, and various other places.
  • Lofoten Island: The beach-side destination in Norway, Lofoten Island form an archipelago off the coast of northwestern Norway and famous for foreigners to come here and indulge in fishing, kayaking, hiking, and wildlife watching. Here also, you can see the spectacular northern lights along with doing island hoping around.

Book Flights to Norway

Explore the best area of Norway by booking tour package and customize the same as per your travel requirements. You can book flights to Norway from any region of Saudi Arabia and include the same in your travel package of Norway without any hassle. Here, you can book flights to Norway from Tabuk, book flights to Norway from Al Medina, book flights to Norway from Makkah, book flights to Norway from Dammam, book flights to Norway from Al Qatif, book flights to Norway from Taif, and more.


1. What is the Best Time to Visit Norway?

Spring is the ideal season to visit Norway that comes anywhere in between May and June. Also, you can travel in fall i.e. September to October when the weather is equally amazing.

2. How to Book Cheap Travel Package of Norway?

Just be with us to find affordable tour package of Norway and customize the same accordingly. We offer you best travel packages for your preferred choice of dates, number of travellers, and budget.

3. What is the Currency of Norway?

Norwegian Krone is the currency of Norway.

4. What is the Duration of Tourist Visa of Norway?

As a traveller coming from Saudi Arabia, you can apply for tourist visa of Norway and travel for a period of 90 days.