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Best & Luxury Premium Hotels in Madinah; Experience the Lavishing Comfortable Stay!

Taking a tour of Madinah is a dream for every person from the Islam community. However, an excursion to Madinah is only complete if you have a premium stay. Worldwide Travel & Tourism has a range of Hotels in Madinah where you can enjoy your stay and have a proper religious tour.

Madinah, the Holy Shrine

Madinah is the holiest city in Islam after Makkah, where the significant site Masjid-e-Nabawi is situated. It is where Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) established the community of Muslims. It is in Madinah, where Masjid Al-Quba and Masjid Al Qiblatyn, as well as Masjid e Nabawi, are located.

Thus, if you plan to visit Madinah, book hotels online Madinah at Worldwide Travel & Tourism. We provide a range of hotels in Madinah options with quality service. You can accordingly choose the type of accommodation by visiting our website.

Places to Visit in Madinah

Apart from being an important religious city, Madinah has various places you can visit. We at Worldwide Travel & Tourism arrange special tour facilities and include all such sites so that you should have a holistic religious tour. The following are some of the places:

The Al-Masjid-An-Nabawi

It was the second site built by the Prophet (PBUH) when he emigrated from Makkah to Madinah. The mosque has a bright green dome and is open throughout the day. Most people around the globe visit this place during Umrah and Hajj to offer their prayers.

The Masjid al Qiblatayn

Here, the Prophet (PBUH) received instructions to change the direction of the prayer from Jerusalem to Makkah. This mosque is unique and is one of the mosques with two mihrabs.

Jannat al Baqi

This place is also known as the Garden of Heaven and is one of the first cemeteries of Madinah. This place is the resting place of various companions of the family of the Prophet (PBUH), including the Hazrat Imam Hasan Ibn Ali and Hazrat Fatima Al Zehra.

The Desert of Saleh

One of the most popular attractions near Madinah is the Desert of Saleh. It has several tombs, graves, inscriptions, and drawings. This UNESCO heritage site is located south of Al Nafud in Saudi Arabia.

Have a Comfortable Stay at Luxury Hotels in Madinah

When you travel to Madinah, it is incomplete without a good stay at a luxury hotel. Worldwide Travel & Tourism provides different types of hotels as per your budgetary needs, and the cost of hotels in Madinah varies accordingly. The following are some of the types of hotels: 

5-Star Hotels

At our 5-Star Hotels, you can have a comfortable stay with all amenities. It is one of the most premium packages where we offer you the best accommodation. After you land at the Madinah Airport, we will take you to the hotel and assure you of a comfortable stay there.

4-Star Hotels

A 4-Star package is an attractive option if you are looking for budget hotels in Madinah. We take you from the Madinah Airport, make you comfortable at the premium accommodation, and ensure you visit various religious sites. 

3-Star Hotels

Our 3-Star package provides you with comfortable accommodation at budgetary rates. You can visit sites of religious importance from our capacity, and we will ensure you have a seamless stay and travel.

 Performing Umrah from Madinah

Most people visiting Madinah try to do so while performing Umrah, an Islamic pilgrimage to Makkah, located in the Hejazi region in Saudi Arabia. You can choose a proper tour package as per your choice and perform your religious duty by staying at a comfortable location.

Why Should You Choose Worldwide Travel & Tourism Group?

We at Worldwide Travel & Tourism Group have years of experience conducting tours in Madinah and Makkah. We also arrange for Umrah and Haj packages. All our packages are highly affordable, so check us out and book hotels in Madinah with the utmost ease.