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“The World is a Book and Those Who Do Not Travel Read Only Page”, we at WTTSaudia fully driven by this approach and inspire people to unwind their life onto amazing travel experiences all across the globe.

We are a leading tour and travel agency based out of Saudi Arabia and open new doors of travel for Saudi Arabian travel enthusiastic souls like you. We have been offering an exclusive range of honeymoon package, family tour packages, and group tour packages across all major continents including Europe, Asia, Africa, and more.

If you are planning to travel domestic or international, then we at WTTSaudia are here to make your exploration goes all the more special and memorable. Here, we do not just guide you to travel to the best summer holidays from Saudi Arabia or winter holiday’s from Saudi Arabia to anywhere around the globe. But we act as your ideal travel partner making special arrangements for your airport transfer, hotels, city-wise explorations, customized itinerary, delectable meals, activities, shopping, and several other things to do.

Especially during the present times of uncertainty and pandemic, we offer completely safe and secured tour packages followed by specific safety and hygiene guidelines.

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Top International Destinations

Summer Holidays

The summer season is a perfect time to unwind outdoor travel exploration across a variety of destinations around the world. Witness the magnificent pleasure of looking at majestic greenery, vast paddy field, walk across the sandy beaches, feel the cool breeze of the ocean, climb a mountain, travel the beautiful gardens, and so much more to experience while travelling in summer... to a variety of destinations like Maldives, Mauritius, Bali, Seychelles, Greece, Bosnia, Denmark, New Zealand, Switzerland, Tahiti-Bora Bora, Ladakh, Kashmir, Thailand, Morocco, Sri Lanka, Georgia, and more. Here, we offer specialized honeymoon packages, group tour packages, and family tour packages to all the mentioned destinations and customize the same as per your travel requirements.

WTT Special Packages

Winter Holidays

Many travellers like the chilly weather season to stroll outside when the fresh snowfall hit the floor and people feel the exotic pleasure of sipping a hot cup of coffee inside. The world is not a small place to find some of the best winter destinations. Incredible destinations like Egypt, Malaysia, Kerala, Australia, India, Jordon, Dubai, Japan, and many more are best to travel during the winter season in Saudi Arabia or at respective places. We help you choose the ideal winter best destination by suggesting some magnificent destinations as per your travel liking, tour package budget, number of travellers, and time duration of the travel.

Our Wide Range of Tour Packages

We offer specially curated tour packages wide across destinations in the world. We almost cover all major part of the globe giving you a wide choice of places to cover in your particular travel package here.

Honeymoon Packages

Thinking of travelling with your beloved partner after the wedding or just want to remember the happy and initial days of the wedding, then we have something special for you. Our extensive range of travel associates has created spectacular and customized honeymoon packages across a varied range of destinations. Be it like experiencing the natural surroundings of Switzerland, unwinding relaxation at any of the island beach resort in the Maldives, strolling on the white sandy beaches of Bali, finding the rich-cultural heritage of India to experience the soothing pleasure of Onsen (Hot water bath) in natural places of Japan, we have it all for you.

Create Memorable Experienced
Create Memorable Experienced

We do not just offer tour packages but create ever-lasting experiences for travellers of Saudi Arabia. Catering to diverse exploration requirements of people and arousing a zeal to see magnificent places of the world at affordable price.

Your Trusted Travel Partner
Your Trusted Travel Partner

We are a reliable travel partner for travellers spreading all across Saudi Arabia. We help people realize the importance of exploration and adding new memories to life.

Customized Holiday Packages
Customized Holiday Packages

We do not set any rule for travel but let travellers make their own rules and break free towards any exciting place in their travel bucket list. Create your own experiences with customized packages specially designed for you.

Maldives Tour Packages

World Wide Travel Tourism is a single stop destination for travelers around the world In our Umrah division we provide the muslim pilgrims hassle-free journey towards...

India Tour Packages

World Wide Travel Tourism is a single stop destination for travelers around the world In our Umrah division we provide the muslim pilgrims hassle-free journey towards Hajj and Umrah.