Azerbaijan Tour Packages

Azerbaijan Tour Packages

Azerbaijan - Land of Fire

3N Baku

3 Nights / 4 Days

Hotels Meals Transfers

SAR 3100

Azerbaijan Tour

4N Baku - 2N Sheki

5 Nights / 6 Days

Hotels Meals Transfers

SAR 5500


Azerbaijan Tour

“The Land of Fire”, Azerbaijan is an interesting place to explore in Europe that has a cultural mix of Asia. It is where you find west meets eats by way of exploring the modern-day urban areas along with quaint subtropical seaside, bulging volcano mountains, mud volcano, and much more. Book Azerbaijan tour package to travel as solo, with family, in the company of beloved spouse. Get ready to explore the varying regions of Azerbaijan with the best package booked at WTTSaudia.

Best Places to Visit in Azerbaijan

  • Baku:The capital city of Azerbaijan offers the marvellous mix of old and new. Situated alongside the Caspian Sea, the city offers the eye-catchy outlook from all directions. The blooming skyscraper studded with LCD screens, the majestic Flame Tours having there building attached that appear like a fire, Museum of the Contemporary Art, and TezeBaazar are some of the attractions here.
  • IcheriSeher:The UNESCO World Heritage, IcheriSeher is an old city having the marvellous view of the traditional architectural genius. The 12th century Maiden Tower is the centre of attraction here. Along with that you will find here Shirvanshah Palace that dates back to 13th century. Also, come here to explore the varying regions having carpets and traditional Azerbaijan handicrafts manufacturing around.
  • Absheron National Park:Explore the local wildlife of Azerbaijan at 783 hectares spread of Absheron National Park. It is situated on the Azizbeyov region and features the spectacular species of flora and fauna around. The host of animals you find at the national park are badgers, jackals, birds, Caspian seals, gazelles, and more.
  • Garasu Volcano: The impressive land of Azerbaijan is full of several mud volcanos. It’s around 350 active mud volcanoes and one of them you can explore is Garasu Volcano. It is known for its 1000 meters spew mud above the air and eye-catchy looking mud formation that appears picturesque to the eyes of travellers.
  • Naftalian Oil Resort: Experience the first-ever crude oil special massage treatment at the only one Naftalian Oil Resort. This resort is known for its oil bath having numerous healing properties inside. Stay at a maximum level of comfort in the resort and find yourself the natural crude oil in excessive quantity.

Book Flights to Azerbaijan From

It’s simple to book flights from Saudi Arabia. You can  book your travel package here along with option to book flights to Azerbaijan from Mecca, flights to Azerbaijan from Riyadh, flights to Azerbaijan from Tabuk, flights to Azerbaijan from Dammam, and more.


1. What is the Best Time to Visit Azerbaijan?

You can travel to Azerbaijan ideally in the period of April to June and September to October. The temperature during this period will not be so hot and you can easily explore the varying regions of the country.

2. How to Book Cheap Tour Package to Azerbaijan?

Simply drop at WTTSaudia to book your travel package of Azerbaijan without going anywhere else. Here, you find a wide range of tour package options that can be customized as per your requirements.

3. How Many Days Can I Stay in Azerbaijan?

You need to have at least 2 weeks of time to fully explore the best of Azerbaijan. This period is more than enough to see the major attractions.

4. What is the Currency of Azerbaijan?

The currency of Azerbaijan Manat.