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Tahiti – Bora Bora Island

Bora Bora is Tahiti`s most famous island. Bora Bora is one of the few places on earth that everyone hopes to witness in their lifetime. If you are looking for honeymoon tour packages to Tahiti then search no more. Toast sunsets from your private plunge pool, marvel at the Tahitian night sky, or simply lose yourself in  lagoon, where the waters teem with exotic reef fish and colourful corals. Book Tahiti Honeymoon packages and avail world class experience. The Tahiti Honeymoon trip from Saudi Arabia are affordable with "Worldwide Travel & Tourism". Probably the best tourism firm in Medina. It is no secret that Tahiti is one of the most romantic destinations around the world.

Best Places to Visit in Tahiti-Bora Bora

  • SNORKEL IN A CORAL GARDEN- Even if you have experienced Snorkelling in Maldives or any other place, you should definitely try Snorkelling at the coral garden at Le Taha’a Island Resort is an experience unlike any other, where you float down a current through an incredible coral garden filled with tropical fish of every colour you can imagine. It is a beautiful experience to experience with your romantic partner.
  • STAY IN AN OVERWATER BUNGALOW- Although Bora Bora is the most famous overwater bungalow destination, there are bungalow to be found throughout Tahiti’s islands, so you’ll be spoiled for choice. One of Tahiti’s biggest draw cards and most iconic experiences is to check in to an overwater bungalow and enjoy the opportunity to wake up each morning and have the ocean right outside your window, inviting you in.
  • SAIL AWAY ON A CATAMARAN- Island hopping is really famous here and chartering a yacht is as classic as it gets to experience and explore the islands of Tahiti at great length. You should take out at least 6-10 days on board a yacht to sail between your choice of islands and experience Tahiti from the sea.
  • SEE TAHITI FROM ABOVE ON A CHARTERED SEAPLANE- Get the birds eye view experience with watching Tahiti from chartered seaplane. There is no better way to do so in Tahiti than to board a seaplane and see the islands from above! Flights will pick you up from your resort and tour the area, giving a much wider scope for the area surrounding you and allowing you to gain a unique perspective.
  • ENCOUNTER SHARKS AND RAYS- This will be most unique and thrilling experience for you with your partner around. You can jump in the water with so many sharks and rays surrounding boat, but after having booked a “sharks and rays encounter”, you should have expected no less. These beautiful creatures are so often misunderstood as being dangerous, however with plenty of food nearby, there is little to no chances of being bitten.

Book Flights to Tahiti-Bora Bora

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1. What is the Best Time to Visit Tahiti-Bora Bora?

The best time to visit is anywhere in between November and April. Apart from that May to October rain showers in the isolated areas of the country but still you can visit during the pleasant atmosphere.

2. How to Book the Cheap Tahiti-Bora Bora Tour Packages?

WTTSaudia makes your travel choices go simple and hassle-free. Here you can book customized tour package of Tahiti-Bora Bora and add preferred range of destinations accordingly.

3. What is the Currency of Tahiti-Bora Bora?

French Pacific Franc is the currency of Tahiti-Bora Bora

4. What is the Duration of Tourist Visa of Tahiti-Bora Bora?

Good news is that you need not a tourist visa to visit Tahiti Bora Bora for a period of 90 days.