Al Ula - 2 Night Trip

Trip to a World Heritage Site Al-Ula: An Incredible Experience to Cherish Forever 

Al-Ula remains one of the most magnificent tourist spot in Saudi Arabia due to its historical and cultural importance. It attracts a large chunk of tourists throughout the year. People visit this area from across the globe. But during your tour at Al-Ula, you must stay in the best hotels having the best accommodations and amenities. Keeping your comfort in mind, Worldwide Travel and Tourism have arranged the most suitable and perfect Al-Ula 2-night trip for you. It ensures you can have a lavish life while staying and exploring the Al-Ula region.

Al-Ula: The Place of Natural Heritage & Wonders

Al-Ula is famous worldwide for its extraordinary natural and human heritage, a wealthy museum having preserved tombs, historical monuments and developments, and sandstone outcrops to rocks and mountains. Indeed, Al-Ula, the city of the Madinah region in north-western Saudi Arabia, was an underrated place until a few years ago, but currently is one of the most popular destinations amongst Saudi visitors. When you plan your 2-night trip to Al-Ula, we at Worldwide Travel and Tourism are always at your service to assist and guide you on every step.


Why is It Known to be a World Heritage Site in Saudi Arabia?

It was the first World Heritage property to be carved in Saudi Arabia, and it served as a work of art that contributed to the region's record of its cultural origins. In the 12th century, the old town of Al-Ula was an excellent accommodation that fell along the pilgrimage road while travelling from Damascus to Makkah. The city slowly replaced Qurh, located to the south of Al-Ula, and modern Al-Ula was constructed nearby.

Hegra: Your 2-night Al-Ula Tour Package will only be completed if you visit Hegra. It is one of the most famous settlements in Al-Ula. It is the First UNESCO World Heritage Site in Saudi Arabia. The carved tombs are from the 2nd Century BCE until 106CE.

Jabal Al-Fil: Jabal Al-Fil is a spectacular rock formation that resembles any elephant having a trunk touching the ground. It is one of the geomorphological wonders in Al-Ula. At present, it is one of the most iconic landmarks in Al-Ula.

Old Town of Al-Ula: Old Town at Al-Ula was once a region of about 900 homes, five town squares, and 400 shops. The stone architecture and the old town of Al-Ula's mudbrick still stand today. Using a restored staircase, you can still access the eastern edge. If you are one of those who admire the history, you will be delighted to discover that this site is lovely and worth exploring.

Al Diwan: Ritual or religious practices at Hegra were concentrated around the Jabal Ithlib. It is a natural mountain that outcrops to the city's east. The unique feature is the rock-cut chamber called the Diwan. It was elite or ritual banqueting, and political discussion used to take place.

Al-Ula Museum: Famous Al-Ula Museum possesses a series of unique archaeological and historical sites. It is a fantastic destination having more than 2,00,000 years of history. If you want to explore the best historical stories, it needs to be on your bucket list.

Jabal Ithlib: Popular Jabal Ithlib is situated at the heart of Hegra. It is a spectacular landscape named Jabal Ithlib. It is a natural mountain outcrop to the city's east. Many visitors from across the world visit the place and are amazed to see its beauty.

Dadan & Jabal ikmah: It is an open-air library across Al-Ula's valley. It lies 1000s of inscriptions in Nabataean, Minaic, Thamudic, and Dadanitic. It is one of the oldest inscriptions. It dates back to 24AH (644 CE).

Harrat Viewpoint: Explore a well-planned Al-Ula Trip – 2 nights and enjoy Harrat Viewpoint. It is one of the beautiful areas providing the best sitting experiences. It gives you an outlook at the top of Harrat Uwayrid. It is a free place to visit, and the visitors can stay there a little longer. Also, it is a children-friendly place.


Why Choose Worldwide Travel and Tourism?

We hold decades of experience when it comes to trips at Al-Ula and other Saudi Arabian tourist destinations. We have already organized some of the best Al-Ula tours for people from across the globe. We always promote customer satisfaction. We will take care of your customized needs during the short Al-Ula trip and plan things accordingly. You are always safe when you are with us.