Al Ula - 1 Night Trip

Your Lifetime Experience with a Completely Private Guided Al-Ula - 1 Night Trip

On this exclusively planned private guided Al-Ula - 1 Night Trip with a local transportation facility, we offer you ample opportunity to visit the antiquated wonders of Al-Ula and the attention they merit in Saudi Arabia to cater to travellers from worldwide locations. After picking you up from your accommodation in Al-Ula Trip, you can explore the maze-like Old Town to see its mud-brick homes as your guide provides the historical context you may otherwise miss and keeps a close eye out for you to avoid getting misplaced.

Continue to the UNESCO-listed Hegra (Madain Saleh) and Elephant Rock ancient carved tombs, which you will undoubtedly admire while your guide explains their histories and secrets.


Unique Features of Worldwide Travel and Tourism’s Elephant Rock Alula Trip 

One of the great geological wonders in Al-Ula, rising three stories above the golden desert sands, Elephant Rock, is a metaphor for the rock structure due to the elephant “trunk” and “body” shape of the carved rock mountain. 

Hiking in the Al-Ula mountains is a fun and healthful activity. You may also unwind by drinking coffee there while admiring the thousands of interweaving palm trees from a great height. It is the most suitable time to plan your trip to Al-Ula. You can best explore it through a 1 Night Trip to Al-Ula and lean back, grab a warm jacket and gaze up at the sky in awe at the magnificent sight of billions of stars above you. 

Some of the truly incredible views of the night sky you'll ever see may be had during the stargazing experience you feel during your Al-Ula trip. Located in the isolated Gharameel region of Al-Ula, the tourist places and heritage site have much to offer. Our knowledgeable and expert guides will explain numerous things, including the sky and constellations amidst the historically significant rocks and ancient preserved remnants of centuries-old villages. You also enjoy the classic mixed grill dinner served for you to savour.

Adventure and experience 4-wheel-drive sightseeing during the Al-Ula Tour, and also visit some of the most beautiful rock formations that depict the region's glorious geographical richness besides projecting history. The stunning sandstone canyons at Arch Rock, Madakel, and Malab may be seen on a 4x4 safari led by a knowledgeable local Al-Ula guide as you sit back and unwind in the comfort of an air-conditioned vehicle. Upon your travel to the old town, the Al-Ula viewpoint, and exploring Elephant Rock, the guide will ensure you return to Al-Ula town for rest in the accommodation.


While Exploring Al-Ula, Experience & Feel the Rush and Adrenaline

Our knowledgeable guides will ensure you have the time of your life as they drive you through the extreme terrain, including towering sand dunes, tiny canyons, and rugged terrain. Plan your trip to Al-Ula, a simple 4-kilometre ridge walk with breathtaking views of Wadi Al-Ula for a lifetime experience. The walk starts with a challenging ascent but eases off as you proceed. It is the ideal excursion to experience Al-Ula in all its glorious details.

With our 1 Night Trip to Al-Ula camp on our adventure centre's grounds, surrounded by palm tree fronds, bordered by mountains made of golden sandstone, and equipped with Internet, restrooms, and showers, you have much to explore there.

As Al-Ula is renowned for its ancient artefacts, magnificent rock formations, and distinctive canyons, adventure geeks can turn the trip into an unforgettable experience. On the Grand Canyon Hike 12-kilometre trip, you'll pass through a colourful canyon while climbing, bouldering, and taking in the spectacular rocks in the area.

Feel the soft sand beneath your wheels as you ride a bicycle through Al-Ula's breathtaking scenery. For this enjoyable Cycle Trail, a 1–2-hour cycle Al-Ula Trip, meet our staff on-site and freshly discover Al-Ula in a unique style. It is suitable for people aged above 12 and older.

Al-Ula in Saudi Arabia integrates renowned historical monuments, such as Hegra, with outdoor activity amidst the region’s stunning desert surroundings. After a long day of sightseeing, trekking, or cycling, unwind with some shopping, dinner, and stargazing in Al-Ula Old Town.

Wait no more and plan your trip to Al-Ula at the earliest by booking our Al-Ula - 1 Night Trip for an experience for a lifetime.