Georgia Tour Packages

3N Tbilisi - 2N Batumi

5 Nights / 6 Days

Hotels Meals Transfers

SAR 1950

2N Tbilisi - 3N Batumi - 2N Tbilisi

7 Nights / 8 Days

Hotels Meals Transfers

SAR 2385

4N Tbilisi - 2N Bakuriani - 3N Batumi

10 Nights / 11 Days

Hotels Meals Transfers

SAR 2750

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Georgia Tour Packages from Saudi Arabia

Planning the much-awaited trip to Georgia can turn into an interesting reality by getting the support of WTTSaudia. Come here to book ready-made or customized Georgia tour packages from any number of days and members you like. Explore the magnificent beauty of Georgia fully endowed with an incredible range of majestic hills, monasteries, green mountains, wine manufacturing, caves, green lush environment, friendly people, and much more. Come to Georgia to experience the lavish pleasure of incredible landscape around and treat your taste buds with delectable cuisines and superb quality wine.

Best Places to Visit in Georgia

  • Tbilisi: The capital city of Georgia is strategically situated on the banks of Mtkvaririver and surrounded by astounding hills and mountains. One of the best way to explore the city is taking a walking tour across the backstreets and water area to experience the panoramic view of the whole place.
  • Mtskheta: If you have a special fascination to explore the spiritual realms of a place, then this is a must have city to explore. It is surrounded by several churches and spiritual sites. Here, you will see the human settling of more than 4,000 years old. The city has three most important churches for you to explore around.
  • Vardzia: It is a magnificent cave monastery near Aspindza in Southern Georgia. Here, you will find the location more like Lord of the Rings background. The underground monastery was built way back in 12th century under the reign of King Tamar.
  • Uplistsikhe: Explore the marvellous rock city strategically located just 100km away from the capital. It has a 3,000 years old city that dates back to 1000 BC. The abandoned rock-hewn town gives you the amazing backdrop of clicking pictures and shooting videos.
  • Chiatura: A town that was founded way back in 1800 and it’s a mini colony. Travelers can come here to take a traditional ropeway ride. It is the main attraction that use to take labour to the cave. Apart from this, you will find incredible steeps and valleys around.

Book Flights to Georgia From:

No need to worry about booking flights to Georgia from different destinations in Saudi Arabia. Here, you will find a wide range of Georgia travel packages along with option to book flights to Georgia from Jeddha, flights to Georgia from Tabuk, flights to Georgia from Mecca, flights to Georgia from Dammam, and more.

The rich and vivid diversity of culture, stunning mountainous views, medieval architecture and warm-hearted Georgian hospitality, make Georgia a dream destination for many travellers. With its Gothic churches and castles scattered across rolling hills, each region of this country has its unique history and identity.

WTTSaudia will provide a convenient booking service for Georgia Tour Packages in 2023, offering tourists the opportunity to visit this exotic nation at competitive rates. So whether you are here to unwind, explore Georgian culture and architecture, or enjoy wine tours, the immense green landscapes, historical sites, picturesque villages, and cities will take your breath away on any trip you choose.

Must-See Places Included in Georgia Tour Packages from Saudi Arabia

Georgia is a top and sought after European travel destination that appeals to tourists of all kinds. Whether you are one of the history buffs or an adventure seeker, below are some top hotspots to be included in Georgia Tour Package Saudi Arab:

  • Tbilisi: Tbilisi, Georgia's capital city, is a charming mix of old and new. Its winding cobblestone streets and bustling bazaars make it feel like a fast emerging European city. A diverse charm permeates this city, boasting several interesting attractions from its museums to churches and amusement parks. The best way to see all these places is by taking a customized Georgia Tour Packages in 2023 with an organized itinerary for your stay in Tbilisi.
  • Batumi: Batumi is famous as one of the most popular cities in Georgia since it has already developed as an international resort destination due to its beachfront location. It has an old town with narrow streets lined by medieval buildings and old mansions, which have now transformed into hotels or restaurants. The city has many tourist attractions, including restaurants, bars and nightclubs catering to different tastes and preferences.
  • Bakuriani: This ski resort town is located in the northwestern part of Georgia. It's known for having some of the best skiing conditions in Europe so enjoy yourself on the slopes while you're here. You can find hotels and hostels there and restaurants and cafes where you can relax with local food and drinks after a day of skiing or snowboarding.

Georgia is a prime destination for first-time travellers to Europe who is looking to experience and explore the scenic natural beauty of Eastern Europe. We work with some of the leading hotels, airlines and travel agents in Georgia to provide you with unbeatable prices on the Georgia Tour Package from Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, and Al-Khobarcities of Saudi Arabia.

What is the Expected Cost of 5 Nights / 6 Days Georgia Tour Package?

The cost of a week-long trip in Georgia depends on the group size, places you wish to visit, transportation and accommodation. The country has a lot to offer an avid traveller interested in arts and culture. Various caves and monasteries date back centuries and are beautiful examples of medieval architecture. We offer full-service packages starting from SAR2385. If you explore a more affordable option, we also have packages for a shorter trip of three nights.

What Makes Georgia Best Destination for a Family Trip?

Georgians have always been known for their hospitality, making Georgia a top destination for holidaymakers. Families with kids are particularly attracted to Georgia as it offers lots of activities such as horseback riding, rafting, and hiking to keep them busy throughout their stay in this beautiful country. Our Georgia Tour Package for Family allows travellers to experience the long-lived traditions of this country, enjoy the friendly local atmosphere, participate in cultural events, and taste delicious Georgian cuisine and wine. Anyone who loves history and culture will find many intriguing sights in Georgia. Here are some of the best things to do in Georgia:

  • The old town of Tbilisi, with its beautiful medieval churches and narrow, winding streets, is a must-see for anyone seeking to experience the authentic flavour of the city.
  • Borjomi National Park is just one hour away from Tbilisi on foot, and here you can hike up Mount Kazbeg or hang out at the outdoor café.
  • Mtskheta is a fascinating town next to Tbilisi, where you can learn about the history of Georgia and see some remarkable churches.
  • Sighnaghi, a small town near the border with Azerbaijan. It is an excellent destination for wine lovers since there are two wineries nearby where travelers taste delicious local wine.
  • The capital of Georgia is famous for its ancient churches—you should visit Svetitskhoveli Cathedral!

Book Georgia Packages from Saudi Arabia at Best Price Through WTTSaudia

With our extensive exposure and experience in the Travel Industry, we have developed a unique service model that ensures you get exclusive access to the best deals on Georgia tour packages. We also offer personalized service that allows us to understand your requirements and tailor a trip according to your needs.

The Caucasian Mountains, sandy beaches, and ancient cities adorn this nation's picturesque countryside. Our unique Georgia Tour Package for Family allows you to explore this country at your own pace without worrying about what you should be doing next. Our team is dedicated to providing unmatched customer service at every step. From booking your flight tickets to arranging visas and hotel accommodation, we ensure you enjoy a hassle-free trip experience with us.


1. Should you suggest to me the Best Time to Visit Georgia?

The winters are mild, and the summers are cool with pleasant days, making the season between May to September the most favourable for visiting Georgia.

2. How to book Cheap Georgia Packages & Holidays?

Visit WTTSaudia for some of the most affordable travel packages to Georgia. Whether you're looking for bespoke one-on-one tour guides, a customized itinerary for your group or family, or an affordable option for solo travellers, book your trip with us today to receive our discountable prices.

3. How many days of trip can make it the best to explore Georgia to the fullest?

If you're looking to enjoy exploring Georgia and the surrounding areas during your stay, it's recommended that you have at least 14 days. Our Georgia Special Tour (10 Nights / 11 Days)gives you access to the best of everything the country has to offer.

4. What is the Currency of Georgia?

The Georgian Lari is the currency of Georgia.