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Scandinavia is a group of countries in northern Europe that includes Denmark, Norway and Sweden, sometimes also Finland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands. It is really famous for pretty fishing villages, sky-kissing glaciers and gorgeous ice formations. The picturesque perfection of the countries, teeming with natural splendour and architectural wonders, promise a happening vacation for all travellers arriving here. Just explore the best of this international travel destination after successfully booking tour package of Scandinavian here at WTTSaudia.

Best Places to Visit in Scandinavian

  • Arctic Circle: Home to the ancient Sami tribes, the Arctic Norway is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Scandinavia. Adventure lovers travelling to Arctic Norway will have the time of their lives scaling the various peaks here, such as the mighty Torghatten or the Lyngen Alps. Making its way across Helgeland, the Arctic Circle separates the world from the Land of the Midnight Sun. Cosy fishing villages, archipelagos and the stunning Svalbard islands are some of the other sightseeing attractions found here.
  • The Atlantic Road: It has uniquely designed bridges, the Atlantic Road has been listed as one of Norway’s cultural heritage sites. The alluring driveway is home to a number of viewpoints as well, where travellers may alight and spend an hour marvelling at the beauty of the midnight sun. The bridges are breath-takingly beautiful.
  • Koli National Park, Finland is Voted the best hiking area in Finland in 2013. The landscapes of the Koli National Park aren’t just stunning, they’re also inspiring. The amazing views from the Koli Hills have ignited the creative juices of many famous artists. It has centuries old, moss covered forests, waterfalls and meadow-like clearings. If you prefer to sit and ponder on the wonders of the world, then climb the hiking route up Paha-Koli Hill. You’ll find Finland’s most famous viewpoint at the top. A large jutting rock where you can rest and think about this natural beauty.
  • Oresund Underwater Bridge in Denmark and Sweden: The Oresund Underwater Bridge which links Sweden with Denmark is one of those feats. It stretches for almost five miles across the Oresund Strait and is the longest road and railway bridge in the world. Its imposing design, almost as iconic as the Golden Gate Bridge, is visible from the air when you fly into Copenhagen. What does make it special is how the dramatic bridge structure, which starts on the Swedish coast outside of Malmo, suddenly takes a sloping dive and submerges beneath the waters converting into the Drogden tunnel.